The book, Nutrition for Runners – The Week around a Race, is written with the simple focus and with the aim to assist runners and others engaged in endurance sports to enhance the joy of training, increasing the pleasure of running and improve performance by selecting the right diet. The book focuses on explaining how runners and others engaged in endurance sports can use energy and nutrients from sound dietary habits during competition runs, during race events and the first few days after the race. Although this book is written with runners in mind, all those engaged in endurance sports can make use of the book and it can be beneficial for individuals who are interested in or are competing in running, triathlon, cycling, football, basketball, volleyball or other endurance disciplines.

In the book you will find the following topics:

  • For whom is this book?
  • About the authors
  • The importance of nutrition for runners
  • Why worry about good nutrition?
  • Carbohydrates – a runner’s best friend
  • Running never takes more than it gives
  • The week before a race
  • Points to keep in mind the days leading up to a long race
  • Two or three days before a race
  • Important things to keep in mind the last few days before a race
  • Checklist – equipment
  • Race day
  • Suggestion for a meal that could suit well as a breakfast on a race day
  • The race
  • The days after a race
  • Examples of nutritious meals, rich in carbohydrates and proteins
  • Food supplements for runners
  • The diet of Olympian Kari Steinn Karlsson

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Comments (2)

  1. BJ

    Have read about beetroot and br juice before, still unable to find it!

    What is your take on the Paleo for Runners? Also, I’ve read of some ultra low carb guys (one in fact, runs marathons with a diet of meat only!). I lost a lot of weight when I started running by cutting way back on carbs. However, as started running 5k’s, 10k’s, and eventually half and full marathons it became necessary to eat more carbs, even using GU during the longer races. Still, I try to keep my carbs reasonable on most days. Fruit, Oats, etc. are staples. Why are the nutrition people picking on whole wheat now? It is a scourge right now! Thanks. BJ (Indiana)

  2. Steinar

    Thanks for reading my post and for your comment. These are actually great comments and a bit hard to answer since every person is different. But I agree with you that for running, particularly fast running, carbohydrates are a must. Ultra marathoners and those that run marathons, half marathons and shorter distances at a slow pace, may be able to cut way down on carbs. But for the endurance athlete that exercises under heavy conditions were oxygen supply is a limiting factor, carbohydrates are the best bet as it requires less oxygen to metabolize each gram of carbohydrates compared to fats.

    Many on the Paleo diet do well by adding a good source of carbohydrates right before a workout or a competition. It is best to try this out during practices and master before a competition, as you have done most likely.

    What are your typical 10K times? That will most likely determine your need for carbohydrates.

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