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About the Book

About Nutrition for Runners

This book is written with the simple focus and with the aim to assist runners and others engaged in endurance sports to enhance the joy of training, increasing the pleasure of running and improve performance by selecting the right diet. The book focuses on explaining how runners and others engaged in endurance sports can use energy and nutrients from sound dietary habits during competition runs, during race events and the first few days after the race. Although this book is written with runners in mind, all those engaged in endurance sports can make use of the book and it can be beneficial for individuals who are interested in or are competing in running, triathlon, cycling, football, basketball, volleyball or other endurance disciplines.

Sound scientific support
Numerous studies show the link between good nutrition and enjoyment and success when running/exercising (1). For amateurs, who run for fun, it is very important to have a good nutrition plan. A good nutrition plan is not only selecting food that helps with runs but also timing of meals. In this short book, we will provide you with simple, easy to understand recommendations. The book is a reference for every runner, regardless of skills, to look into before a practice run or an important competition.

Three things are among the most important when succeeding in sports:

  1. Training
  2. Rest
  3. Nutrition

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  • And so many more.




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